How well do you know Harry Potter?

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Hi! This quiz is for all the Harry Potter mega-fans out there. To do well on this quiz, you need to have READ THE BOOKS. This is important. I specifically made this to include details that were not in the movies.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of HP, try this quiz to see how well you do! I've separated the questions into questions about Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and general questions. Have fun!

Created by: Katrina

  1. QUESTIONS ABOUT DUMBLEDORE:a. Dumbledore has a scar shaped like ____ above his left ____.
  2. QUESTIONS ABOUT DUMBLEDORE:b. was dumbledore calm when he asked Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire?
  3. QUESTIONS ABOUT DUMBLEDORE:c. What did Dumbledore do that cost him his life?
  4. QUESTIONS ABOUT HERMIONE:a. What does Hermione think about house elves.
  5. QUESTIONS ABOUT HERMIONE:b. Hermione finds out in book 5 that she is a...
  6. QUESTIONS ABOUT HERMIONE:c. Who does Hermione set a flock of yellow birds on?
  7. QUESTIONS ABOUT RON:What did Dumbledore give Ron in his will?
  8. QUESTIONS ABOUT RON:What did he do for History of Magic?
  9. QUESTIONS ABOUT RON:Where does Ron first appear in the books?
  10. GENERAL QUESTIONS:Who was Ludo Bagman before he became Quidditch Announcer?
  11. GENERAL QUESTIONS:In the last HP book, Peeves sings a song of celebration. How does it go?
  12. GENERAL QUESTIONS:Fill in the blanks: ____ lost his _____ in the 7th book, when they were moving Harry to the Weasley house.
  13. GENERAL QUESTIONS:Who is the second DADA teacher?
  14. GENERAL QUESTIONS: Who is the Charms professor?
  15. GENERAL QUESTIONS:Are all siblings sorted into the same house?
  16. QUESTIONS ABOUT HARRY:What is the first spell Harry learns?
  17. QUESTIONS ABOUT HARRY:Which Horcruxes does Harry destroy?
  18. QUESTIONS ABOUT HARRY:What is the name of the cause of the strange effects that happened during the end of the 4th book. (during Voldy and Harry's duel)
  19. What is Umbridge's full name?

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