YOU know Harry Potter?

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Many people like Harry Potter, but few actually know the details. Big fans can answer all those tiny details others skip over. Being crowned "#1 FAN!" means you know all about it as much (or sometiomes even more) as the creator!

Are YOU a big fan of Harry Potter? prove it with this test that asks some pretty dificult questions that only the biggest fans can ever answer! (Unless you're cheating by using the books as you take the test. This isn't a open book test people!)

Created by: Magicala
  1. What's Hermione's Patronus?
  2. What are the Weasley twins names?
  3. What is Voldemort's REAL name? (kinda a trick question)
  4. When did Harry first remember seeing Dumbledore? (kind of a trick question)
  5. Which broom-ridden sport is popular in the Americas? (From Quidditch Through The Ages)
  6. Who killed Voldemort's snake?
  7. Is Lily Evans Potter a......
  8. Why was Voldemort's name Tabooed?
  9. Do the books ever take point of view from a Muggle?
  10. Which of the following is NOT a real wizard candy?

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