How well do you know Harry Potter

Not many people know as much Harry Potter related stuff as they think. They just go by the book, but there's much more to it then just books. Like the movies.

Maybe you can be one of the few who actually know Harry Potter inside out. Have a go at this quiz, and see if you are one of the special people. Good LUCK.

Created by: Luis
  1. How old was Voldemort's soul when he died in May 2, 1998?
  2. When was Voldemort Born?Which are the closest two?
  3. Who decided the location and name of Hogwarts?
  4. Why was Hogwarts named so?
  5. Who did JK Rowling think of creating after she created Harry.
  6. Who did J.K Rowling think about killing halfway through the series?
  7. Since when had the mirror of Erised been kept in the Room of Requirement.
  8. What were the names of Molly Weasley's brothers, who were killed in the first war.
  9. What was Neville's original last name?
  10. Which was the first, and last house mentioned in the whole series?
  11. Where did Hermione find her parents after she modified their memory?
  12. Why can't lord Voldemort love?

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