Do you know the Harry Potter books or the Movies?

Hi! This is one of my first Harry Potter quiz so please don't judge. Second I have read all the books, but I haven't seen the movies in a long time, most of them I only seen once.

This quiz will tell you if you are a Book or a Movie fan. No answer is wrong if you are both! I hope you have fun. I am a book can by the way. My favorite member of the order of the Phoenix is Tonks! I am a Hufflepuff forever!

Created by: Honour Hufflepuff
  1. Who was sent to detention in the first book?
  2. How many obstacles did the professors set up to guard the sorcerer's stone?
  3. In the chamber of secrets, what did the trio do on halloween?
  4. Who was the one who told Harry's class about the history of the chamber.
  5. How many hippogriffs do you see in Prisoner of Azkaban?
  6. Does Harry and Hermione interact with their past selves in Prisoner of Azkaban?
  7. Okay so how did Dumbledore respond to Harry's name being put into the goblet of fire?
  8. Who gave Harry gilly were for the second task?
  9. What is Tonks known hair color?
  10. Who ratted out the D.A. To Umbridge?
  11. When asked to do the unbreakable vow, was Snape hesitant?
  12. Does Harry Potter ever see a Dark mark on Draco Malfoy?
  13. When does Harry discovers the writing on the snitch
  14. What happened to the elder wand?
  15. Last question and it does count! Which do you like better the books or the movies?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Harry Potter books or the Movies?