Your Magical Love Story Part 1

⇑⇓ Continuity: The distance between Harry and Ron when they're sliding into the Chamber of Secrets keeps changing. Harry jumps first, and Ron jumps a few seconds later, so there should be a little distance between them. But when they're sliding down, Ron is directly behind Harry. At the bottom though, Harry slides onto the ground a few seconds before Ron, meaning they're again some distance apart. Edit Submitted by Krista Time

Harry English- army ruler/leader; The Name of JK's title chracter; fitting, seeing as how his saga plays out. Marries Ginny Weasley. Youngest Gryffindor House Quidditch team mamber in a century, plays Seeker (books 1-6). James Hebrew- supplanter; Harry's middle name; named for his father, James Potter Lily English- lily flower; Harry's mother; her sister is also named after a flower (Petunia Dursley) Molly English- sea of bitterness; Mrs. Weasley; mother of Harry's best friend and Harry's girlfriend (Ron Weasley and Ginny [Ginevra] Weasley)

Created by: GinnyGirl
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  1. Ok. First off it is your 16th birthday. You have long straight hair and green eyes. Let the story begin
  2. Ok. First off it is your 16th birthday. You have long straight hair and green eyes. Let the story begin
  3. Your walking home after _______(fill in with something) on Saturday. Tomorrow is your 16 th b'day. Your thinking about what you are getting. You know you are going to get
  4. When you get home you go straight to bed because it is, like, 10 'o' clock and your parents are over protective. So, you grab you iPad/iPod/iPhone and go to your room. You spend the next hour and a half doing
  5. Outside, it is a clear night. You decide to go to sleep a bit before midnight. You sneak your _____ back downstairs and go back to bed. 5 minute till midnight. 2, 1 minute till midnight. Then, at the exact moment that it becomes midnight, a crash of lightning wakes you up as suddenly as if someone had thrown water onto your face.
  6. A storm crashed outside. Thunder rolled, lightening crashed, but no rain came down. None at all
  7. Ok thanks this is my first ever love story/ magic quiz so if you have any suggestions please write them in comments. Sorry this is short.
  8. Special thanks to natuhleegayle and spotty dinosaur for inspire ring me to do this quiz.
  9. Also, if you want, put your email into comments and I can email you ideas and whatnot
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Quiz topic: My Magical Love Story Part 1