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  • I'm from Pittsburgh, all right, born in West Penn Hospital, graduated from Winchester Thurston School. But the Pittsburghisms you use (which I understand, though yinz is properly spelled yu'uns, 1.5 syllables) are not all universal in the District or even all parts of the city, and most were definitely thought blue-collar, uneducated usages in white-collar families. Boulevard of the Allies seems now to be pronounced with the accent on the first rather than the second syllables as when I grew up in the District. Post W-T, all my education and working life has been elsewhere. A late university colleague,an English-language specialist, was a total Pittsburgher, and even he, after living over 30 years in western Canada, no longer used most of the words, idioms, and local pronunciations in your quiz.

    Zaracat Sep 2 '09, 2:06PM

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