What sort of American accent do you have?

Many people will insist that they "don't have an accent". This is true, if the person saying this is mute (in which I would assume the person is writing or signing it, not saying it). If you are not mute, take this quiz to find which of 10 types of American accent is closest to your accent.

It should be noted that this quiz is not intended to predict where you are from. It is intended to tell you which type of American accent you have (or at least, which is closest to what you have; it also likely won't be much help if you don't have an American accent in the first place), which is not at all the same thing; the 10 accents used as potential results are associated with particular regions, but there is no law against having an accent that is not associated with the area you are from.

Created by: Chris
  1. Do you drop the letter "r" from words in which it is not followed by a vowel?
  2. Do you turn "I" or "eye" into "ah"?
  3. Do you pronounce the first syllable in "horrible" like "whore" or like "har"?
  4. Do you pronounce "Mary", "marry", and "merry" differently or the same?
  5. Do you pronounce "cot" and "caught" the same?
  6. Do you pronounce "pin" and "pen" the same?
  7. When you say "bag", does it rhyme with "vague"?
  8. Does "roof" have the same vowel sound as "food" or the same as "look"?
  9. Does "route" rhyme with "root" or with "out"?
  10. Do you pronounce "about" as "a boat"?
  11. Do "bath" and "trap" have the same vowel sound?
  12. Do you pronounce "water" as "wooder"?
  13. How do you pronounce "syrup"?
  14. Do you pronounce "feel" and "fill" the same?
  15. Do you drawl your words?
  16. Do you drop the "t" sound from words like "bottle", turning it into "bah-ul"? (with the first syllable ending similarly to each syllable in "uh-oh")
  17. Do you turn "th" into either "t" or "d"? (e.g. this = dis, nothing = nuttin')
  18. Do you drop the "h" from "human"?

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Quiz topic: What sort of American accent do I have?