Quiz that Determines Your American Accent

You are an American, or grew up in America. Yet you are curious in what your accent is? You may or may not know if you have a distinctive accent. This quiz will help you.

This quiz is easy to use, and accurate. Come on and take the quiz, just follow the steps. And answer truthfully. Don't worry about what is grammarically correct or what is conversationally correct. Be truthful!

Created by: Charles
  1. Do hill and heel sound the same at all?
  2. Do you say dawn and don the same?
  3. Do you say y'all?
  4. How do you say roof?
  5. Do you say "R" like "ah" or "rrr"?
  6. How do you say horse?
  7. How do you say pasta?
  8. How do you say car?
  9. Do you say pop or soda?
  10. Do Father and Bother rhyme?

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