How nice are you?

Have you ever wondered how nice you truly are? This test will help you find out! This test isn't scientifically proven to show 100% accurate results, but it may give you a general idea. Please don't be offended by your results. This test is just for fun!

In this test, you will be given a specific scenario you are dealing with, and how you answer is how you will get your score. This test is "graded" in percentage, so your score will be given in percent form. Enjoy this has been created for fun!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Someone has spread a rumor about you. What do you do?
  2. Someone leaves you a rude comment on your social media account. What happens next?
  3. You have a verbal fight with a friend. How do you handle it?
  4. You get a love note from someone, later finding out it is the person you absolutely hate. What ever shal you do?
  5. You are trying to tan when your younger sibling splashes you. How ever will you solve this problem?
  6. You have an embarrassing moment at school and later find out someone has recorded your episode and has put it on the internet. So, what ya gonna do?
  7. Your neighbor's dog comes over and pees on you. You...
  8. A person dumps their lunch on you when they run into you. Choose your ending.
  9. A person dumps their lunch on you when they run into you. Choose your ending.
  10. How did you like this test?( P.S. This IS part of the test. Choose wisely...)

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?