Are You A Good Parent?

Hello, and welcome to my quiz of amazing awesomeness, (or incredible frustration). Either way i hope you enjoy. This is my first ever quiz so i really apologize if you don't like it. Also please note that this is fake so don't take this personally if you get bad results.

So try it! Maybe you will like it and maybe you will not, but either way i had lots of fun making it for you all. It was really fun to come up with questions and creative answers to go with them. Well, i will stop talking now and let you get to it. Enjoy and good luck with this quiz. Hope you get 100%

Created by: mariah

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  1. Your baby child begins to cry. Do you:
  2. There is a play group for babies. Do you:
  3. You are sending your little darling of to preschool. Do you:
  4. You bring your child to the playground to play. They walk up to a strange man and start to talk to them. Do you:
  5. You receive a phone call from your child's preschool teacher. She says that your child has been acting very badly. Do you:
  6. You are at the grocery store with your kid. They pull you toward the candy aisle, but the last time they had candy before dinner, your kid didn't eat dinner. You tell your kid no, they cannot have candy, and they start to cry, creating a scene. You:
  7. You are sitting in the living room. Your four-year-old child is happily coloring with crayons nearby. The phone rings and you go into the other room to answer it. When you return, you find that your child has scribbled all over the walls with crayons. Do you:
  8. In kindergarten, your child comes home crying because the class bully was mean to them. You:
  9. Today, you arrive to pick up your child, but you are early so you decide to go to the playground and watch them. You watch your child push a little kid off a swing and lau
  10. In a store, your child points at a lady in a wheelchair and says: `she looks funny!` dou you:
  11. Your kid draws a picture while you're working and says `mommy mommy i made a picture of you and me look!` You look and the picture is just a scribble. you:
  12. At your child's middle schokl, skin-tight jeans and a shirt that in your opinion exposes way too much body are popular. You say:
  13. Your child wants to date a boy. The problem is that boy is bad: he drinks alchohol underage, smokes, and hurqs ll kids. You:

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