How Good A Parent Are You?

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Parenting is one of the most wonderful, exciting, terrifying and exhausting processes you will ever go through, but just how good at it are you? This test will determine whether you are a Perfect Parent, or whether you make Homer Simpson look like Superdad. Scrape the milky vomit off your shoulder, have a brew and relax as this test tells you everything you need to know!

Are YOU an irritatingly good parent? Do you make other mums and dads at the Baby Meditation classes feel like woeful parents? Are you organised, patient and thoughtful? Or are you just vaguely aware of some short people running round your house? Take the test now and find out!

Created by: manglewurzel

  1. Your child has a massive tantrum in the supermarket. Do you...
  2. How many parenting books do you own?
  3. How did you choose your child's name?
  4. Do you park in parent and child car park spaces if your child is not in the car?
  5. What group of words best describes your child's diet?
  6. You've just filled up your car with petrol. You are alone. Your child is asleep in the back. Do you...
  7. Your discipline method?
  8. What sort of nappies are you/did you use?
  9. Do you manage to get a night out?
  10. What's your child's favourite programme?

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