Should you work in Child Care?

Although there are all types of people in the child care field, not all of them are really cut out for it, or will enjoy it. (the reason for the high percentage of burnout) Enjoying your job is key if you want to be successful in early childhood education.

Do YOU think you would make a great preschool teacher? Has someone told you that they think you should work in childcare, but you are unsure? This quiz could help you make a decision. A positive result cannot guarantee that you will be entirely successful, but if you flat-out should not be in the classroom, by the end of the test, you will know it.

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  1. Mixing red paint and blue paint will give you
  2. A child near you sneezes, and really needs a kleenex. You:
  3. How do you feel about a child spending a whole hour "just playing"
  4. You see a child in a daycare who has a soother, carrying a blanket. They are not crying. You interpret this to mean:
  5. A Parent arrives at the daycare with their child, who looks sleepy, and has red spots. the parent tells you they think the child "has a cold, and I gave them tylenol because they had a fever". what do you do?
  6. half-full, or half-empty?
  7. worms are:
  8. I am comfortable in:
  9. Dora is:
  10. This is question 12. It would make the most sense to end this test now. An even number, an even dozen.
  11. surprise! there was one more question. how do you feel about that?

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Quiz topic: Should I work in Child Care?