what kind of child are you?

alright, well everyone has been a child once right? well this will pretty much show you what kind of child you were or what kind of child you should have been! if i am wrong.. sorry i do my best to entertain you fine people! enjoy(and saving friends may help ;D *wink wink*)

alright well everyone wants to know what kind of child we should be! so i suggest taking this quiz not the otheres! :D if you were a quiet child expect the unexpected you now may be a wild child! just answer the simple questions i give to you and find out!

Created by: sammmbbaaaammm
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favorite soda?
  2. if your house was on fire what would you do?
  3. what would you do if a bear stole all your food at your campsite?
  4. you see a penny what do you say?
  5. youre best friend just got hit by lightning! what do you do?
  6. what is youre favorite vegetable?
  7. what is youre favorite vacation spot?
  8. ok was this quiz worth youre time?
  9. day or night?
  10. do you believe in yourself?

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Quiz topic: What kind of child am I?