What Will Your First Child Be?

This quiz is to see what the sex of your first child will be. There are simple questions not hard ones. But there are many people out there trying to figure out the sex of there first child. Good Luck!!! :)

Are you wondering what the sex of your first child might be? If you are, take my quiz. If you don't then I have no idea why clicked on this quiz. But good luck and enjoy it. :) Once again Good Luck!! :}

Created by: Kaylyn of yoursite
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  2. To you, a baby is....
  3. When a baby cries you..
  4. When you are having sex with your partner, how do you feel?
  5. When a mom changes a baby's diaper, what are you thinking to yourself?
  6. Use one word to describe yourself.
  7. Now, I'm going to have two words on every question. Pick the word that describes you. Ok?
  8. You are...
  9. You feel...
  10. You like...

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Quiz topic: What will Ir First Child Be?