What should you(child)/your child(parent)'s bedtime be?

Children need to go to bed at a suitable time for themselves . It can be hard to find this perfect time without disrupting your child by giving them a variety of bedtimes . This quiz will most likely find the ideal time.

Are YOU or YOUR CHILD going to bed at the correct child for yourself / themself? Take this awesome quiz and you might just find a great bedtime which will give them a good amount of sleep and prepare them for the next day.

Created by: MOI
  1. How often are you / they deserving of being spanked?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, How much trouble is caused about getting to bed?
  3. Does the child stop doing what they were doing before bedtime quickly or slowly?
  4. During the day, Are they well behaved?
  5. Does the child pester the parents for a later bedtime?
  6. Does your child enjoy going to bed?
  7. Does it take your child a long time to get to sleep?
  8. Do they need to get up early the next morning?
  9. Do they sneak their TV on or do something else they aren't suppose to do in their room?
  10. Does your child have cuddly toys in bed to comfort them if they wake in the night?

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Quiz topic: What should I(child)/my child(parent)'s bedtime be?