Are you nice or MEAN

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THere are many mean people out in the world and there are many nice people out there too. Do you want to know if your mean or nice well take this quiz and you'll find out!

DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE MEAN! HA well lets see DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE nice. The mean answers are tempting but we all must know you could be NEITHER NICE OR MEAN YOUr just a middle biddle hilly billy willy silly

Created by: chloemstar

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  1. A little girl runs up to you crying saying the following: I'm lost waah wahhh wahhhh!
  2. You see a hobo on the street.
  3. The hobo saw you and mugged wake up in a alley way with a unicorn next to u
  4. You go on a date with a man/woman who you really dont like and u dont want to see them again.
  5. A Drunk person suddenly attack you.
  6. You in a crowed place and you need to poo...what do you do?
  7. your best friend tells you a very horrible seceret (illegal,BAD, Etc. related to drug)
  8. You and your friend (who is fat) is running from a hugry bear out in the woods they fall down.
  9. Who do you hate more...
  10. Do you think your nice or mean

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Quiz topic: Am I nice or MEAN