A whole new world 2

Welcome! This is the beggining of your quest to help the land of Fi! Please help us and if you don't have permission, you are going to not comment, ok?

Here are the rules: 1 answer honestly 2 be nice to these nice folks 3 Don't do off topic crap on the comments finally... have fun!

Created by: Robin
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  1. Y ou are walking down a street and you see a homeless black minature chow-chow dog. Whats your first reaction?
  2. You step toward the dog. It runs away. Do you follow it?
  3. You follow it. You here a laugh but you don't know where.It takes you to an alley. It slips into a card board box. You rush to it and see nothing. Do you go in it as well?
  4. You didn't follow it. Then a strong gust of wind surrounds you and makes you follow the dog. When it goes into a cardboard box, it shoots you in. Were you screaming?
  5. In that cardboard box, is a whole new world. You are in a meadow with 3 other people (including me) and the dog in my arms. Whats your reaction?
  6. " Can i have Shadow back now?" said Grim. " Of course, if shadow wants you." Shadow looks at me and SAYS " sure, my paws are killing me, that boy/ girl is a fast runner/flyer." I hand it to him. You still like shadow?
  7. " Welcome to Fi! my name is Marsha." Says the red head girl. "I'm Grim" says the boy that looks like the one from legend of zelda skyward sword (he's not evil.) " Artemis" says the hooded girl. "Robin" i said. " We sent you here to help us kill Phoenix." Will you help us?
  8. "We got to hurry, he's sending his armies to kill us." said Shadow. "The only problem i have is why y/n doesn't have a weapon?" i pointed out. Which weapon do you pick?
  9. We head out till we get to an open sea. " Artemis, spill your awesome sauce." i say. She slowly raises your raises her hand and then thousands of sticks, twigs, and branches zoom to make the most galvant ship. Amazing?
  10. We are sailing. You notice Grim is staring at you all the time. What do you think is the reason? Girls only question!
  11. You weren't allowed bellow deck when we had a meeting between the girls. We come out giggling and then i said to you "I got to tell you something." We took you in and you say Grim looking grave. What do you think is up?
  12. "Robin, please leave." said Grim. I nodded and i left. " How long have we been out at sea?" " 19 days." you answer. "Hmm, and you haven't trained?" he said. You shook your head. " Would you like to train with me or Robin?" This is more of a grender question.
  13. You train and train and were constantly attacked my Phoenix's army. Finally, he comes himself. Are you ready? The next one is for girls, okay?
  14. Girl question. Before the attack of Phoenix, you were walking around your cabin when i came in with Grim. "He has to talk to you." i said, giggling. I leave you two alone. He looks at you and starts laughing. " I've heard you liked me from the crazy Marsha." In this you do but you say no. How do you feel?
  15. Phoenix comes. Marsha comes with her dagger and tries to stab Phoenix. She falls to the ground, in a deep enchanted sleep. Same with me and Artemis. You and Grim are the only ones awake besides Shadow. "I got this, said Shadow lunging at Phoenix. He's unconcious. "I'm surprised my son is even with these people." "Because i HATE YOU!" yelled Grim, attacking him. He's fallen too. You two are on our own. Do you attack?
  16. You attack even if you wanted to or not. Now he is lying dead on the ground. We all awake and safe. "There is still Athena and the Lord." says Marsha and Artemis. Well bye! You are back home.

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