What Does Your Inner Fantasy World Say About You?

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Our fantasies are all different. Each and every one is different, no one is ever the same. We are all special and unique in our own little way, it's the differences that make our world. :)

So what does YOUR fantasy world say about you? Do you give off hints about how you're feeling or what you're going through? Are you happier than the Bluebird or as depressing as a black rose? Find out with my quiz. I hope you like it!

Created by: I like music
  1. How has your life been lately?
  2. Pick one of the following.
  3. Do you feel like you have no friends, or no one to trust?
  4. Pick a smiley.
  5. Do people in your life cause you pain or give you low confedence or simply make you hate them?
  6. Have you found your special "soul mate" yet?
  7. Are you a calm and quiet person?
  8. Do you have low confidence or think you are an ugly person?
  9. Do you get happy easily?
  10. Do you have many problems in life that you don't know how to fix?
  11. Do you hate yourself?
  12. Do you feel like your world is crashing down but you have no support?
  13. Well, the quiz has ended, but just remember that although I don't know you, I'm sure you're a great and special person that deserves a lot of nice things, everyone is beautiful on the inside. Hope you liked this quiz! :)

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Quiz topic: What Does my Inner Fantasy World Say About You?