Are you nice????

Are you nice? Well there are many things that determine niceness aren't there? It all depends on how generous and polite and friendly you are. Are YOU nice? Find out!

It can be hard to be nice all the time but it really pays off if you are. You get friends and love and happiness. Just remember not to let yourself be walked on like a doormat though.

Created by: weirdo1

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  1. Your friend trips and lands into some mud. What do you do??
  2. You won a chess game! You say:
  3. You lost a chess game this time. What do you say now?
  4. There is a food drive at your school and you have two giant jars of applesauce at home.
  5. You are looking for your friends' table in the lunchroom and see a girl sitting all alone. Where do you sit?
  6. A boy in your class just came out of the closet. How do you react?
  7. You finally have the chance to get revenge on your arch nemesis. Do you take it?
  8. Your class played a prank on the teacher. Were you involved?
  9. You have 12 whole brownies! Do you share?
  10. A pregnant lady gets on the bus. Do you give up your seat for her?

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Quiz topic: Am I nice????