BJ PowerPoint Standards and Marketing Policy Quiz

BJ Marketing Policy Quiz - Test your knowledge of the PowerPoint standards with this simple quiz! Do you know who to send your presentation to when its finished? Do you know how many slides per handout there should be? Take the test to find out!

We have set up this quiz to test your knowledge of the BJ Marketing Policy with regards to PowerPoint presentations. Find out information on images, custom animations, text etc.

Created by: Emma

  1. How should standard handouts given out during the presentation be printed?
  2. If you need a projector and laptop to run the presentation, from which Department would you request them?
  3. Which type of custom animation is used?
  4. Which template should all internal and external presentations be created from?
  5. The standard format of the slides should be:-
  6. Which Department should check all presentations prepared for external purposes?
  7. Can any images be incorporated into your slides?
  8. Should sound be used in your presentation?
  9. How much notice should you give marketing if you require your presentation on a CD, disk or acetate?
  10. If you need animated/movie images which Department should these be requested from?

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