How self centered are you?

Everyone has their "me" moments, but sometimes those moments can be a little too strong for other people. Those "me" moments are those times when all you can think about is you, A.K.A., when you get really self centered.

Everyone can get self centered, but some more then others. In this quiz, you will find out just how self centered you are. So hurry up and get started on your quiz!

Created by: marcelyn
  1. You and a friend are auditioning for a play. Your friend gets a better part than you. You:
  2. You see something you really want at a store, but you don't have enough money to buy it so you go back to the store to buy it a different day, and the lady at the counter says they're all out of stock. You:
  3. You come to school one day with a really cute outfit and discover that someone else is wearing the same outfit. You:
  4. A friend of yours asks you if they can borrow your favorite shirt for a special occasion. You:
  5. You are asked to sing a solo in the school talent show, you tell everyone:
  6. Someone starts a rumor about you.You:
  7. Your parents are away for the weekend and tell you you are not allowed to have any one over. You:
  8. You find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you. You:
  9. You write a paper for a class that you think is pretty good but your teacher gives you a bad grade. You:
  10. You have a crush on someone, but they are already going out with someone else: You:

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Quiz topic: How self centered am I?