What deadly sin are you?

So what force drives you? dont you wanna know? is it love,being self centered,not having it all,wanting is it the will to get back at the ones who got you, take the quiz and find out what do you have to lose

in just a few minutes you can find out if love,hate,greed or what ever brings you to be. we all have are sins and some may kill you that is why there deadly

Created by: Revan
  1. some one has given you a job of stealing a priceless object, how do you get it?
  2. you have the day off and have nothing to do, what do you find to do when your bored?
  3. someone at work/school is blackmailing you and tells you to pay them a sum of money or the all your co-workers/classmates will know your secret,what do you do?
  4. a collage proffecer wants you badly what do you do?
  5. you are called a lier and you tell him you are not a lier (you are telling the truth) what do you do
  6. you get a std and it is uncurable what do you do?
  7. pick a color
  8. your family is dead (wife and kids) you know who did it what do you do?
  9. money is...
  10. finnaly pick a weapon
  11. what did you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What deadly sin am I?