How Much Do You Know About Deadly Unna?

Been studying Deadly Unna at school? Being harassed by your teacher because you can't remember anything about it? Suffer no longer, because now you can find out for sure how much you know about the book!

Take our short, lame quiz to discover you true potential. You can basically learn everything you need to know from scanning our website. You probably know more than you think you do! Or not...

Created by: Rhianna Fitzpatrick
  1. Which of these is a correct statement about Gary Black?
  2. The name of the Port's publican is:
  3. Where is the novel set?
  4. Which of these is a message that the novel is trying to get across?
  5. What are some similarities between protagonist Gary Black and author Phillip Gwynne?
  6. What is the closest meaning of "Deadly, Unna"?
  7. Who is the following quote about? "They were totally up themselves. They couldn't walk past a mirror or a shop window without stopping."
  8. What time period is the book set in?
  9. What is the name of the sequel to Deadly Unna?
  10. Which of these is an example of racism in the novel?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Deadly Unna?