Are you a hater?

there are so many haters who don't even know they be hating. Have you ever had someone not like you just because. Well a hater is a jealous insecure sometimes self-centered person.if you don't know you a hater take this quiz...........

you will find all the answers you need. and if you don't want to take the test than you might be a have to be honest though to truly get the results you point in taking the quiz if you lie. Hateritous is a disease.

Created by: Desha
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  1. Do you get mad when someone else has something you wanted?
  2. you just bought this hot dress and or jacket and you see someone else has the same dress or jacket how do you react?
  3. Your co-worker just got a promotion and you both started around the same time. how would you handle this situation?
  4. your best friend just got a new car and youre still taking public transportation how would you feel?
  5. do you have a problem complimenting others?
  6. when you see someone is doing better than you do you
  7. be honest do you think you have hateritous?
  8. did you like this quiz?
  9. you just got married and your good friend proposes to his/or her future mate on your wedding day you
  10. finish the statment my life is

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Quiz topic: Am I a hater?