How otfen do u hate?????????

There are a lot of haters in this world.Your best friend could be a hater.But me,i like haters they keep me going.It feels good that someone likes me enough to talk about me all the time.Take this quiz and see how much of a hater you are.

Are you a hater??Well you don't know then gtake the quiz and see. Are 2 face?Do you have courage to call me out or are you scared??Do you set your own tends?Do you follow trends?

Created by: tasia
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you often talk about people?
  2. Do you often get jealous of what someone has?
  3. Do you like to take what someone has?
  4. Do you often call people out on their stuff?
  5. Do you follow other people?
  6. Do you ever talk about your best friend?
  7. Do you talk about people to their face?
  8. Are you jealous of the popular girls at school?
  9. Do you hang around 2 face people?
  10. Are you 2 face?

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