Do you hate noobs?

The MMORPG's are full of noobs. For those who don't know: noob is low level player who... well you'll find out during the quiz. I hate noobs, and lots of other people too.

Do you play MMORPG's? if yes, this is the quiz for you. I made this quiz after a little accident with noobs... since then I hate them. well, go on and find out if you hate noobs as I do.

Created by: noobs-hater
  1. You weild a pretty nice and big weapon. Noob comes to you and ask: what is your weapon?
  2. A noob comes to you and asks stupid question. You:
  3. Do you have your own fan-site about your favourite computer game?
  4. How would you define yourself?
  5. Do you donate noobs when they beg to you?
  6. Do you over-price?
  7. Do you help other players for free?
  8. What is a noob for you?
  9. Question for non-american/britian guys: How is your English?
  10. And this is just question that won't influence on your results: What is your favourite MMORPG game?

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Quiz topic: Do I hate noobs?