Do you hate working?

Man... Working. Working. Working. Is the part of life. Some people likes working. Expect some people. If your a one of the work haters. Just answers some questions and prove yourself you really hates working.

Hate working. Do you hate doing chores, working at your job,working at home and everywhere you have worked on. And other stuff. This quiz is for you.

Created by: toughbutt
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do your parents tells you to work?
  2. Do you have a job and what do you think about your job.
  3. What is your reaction if working doesn't exist.
  4. What is your reaction you got to work.
  5. What is your reaction when you get fired from work.
  6. Should work will be banned forever?
  7. Do you go outside and do some chores?
  8. Do you think about working is for morons.
  9. Do your parents tells you to work in the house
  10. Do you like the quiz?

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