How long will your marrige last

Well, there are many hard working people in this world. And there are many lazy people in this world. You should marry a man or woman that has the hard working ability or the lazy ability. So start working!!!

Do you pick the right person? Do you hide things behind your companions back? Well I think this quiz will help you a lot. Good luck with this quiz. Oh and if you want to know how old you will be when you get married, check out What age will you get married? Good luck.

Created by: sweets0325
  1. Are you or do people think you are gullible?
  2. How many times have you been married?
  3. What do you look for in a guy?
  4. Have you had children with your current husband?
  5. Have you had any chilren with your ex?
  6. Do you and your husband or the guy you want to marry have things in common?
  7. Do you or would you keep in touch with your ex?
  8. Is your husband or soon to be husband crazy?
  9. Do you or would you do EVERYTHING together?
  10. What would or is your job taking care of the child or children?
  11. Would or do you never get to see eachother because of your jobs?
  12. Will you rate and comment? (Doesn't count)

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Quiz topic: How long will Ir marrige last