How Gullible Are You?

Have you ever wondered if you were gullible? Easy to convince? A fool? Well, this quiz can easily see if you are or aren't! And I promise that it's super short and easy! Don't believe me? Maybe you aren't gullible!

So are you gullible? You may doubt it, but after seeing these results, there will be no denying it! So hopefully, you can pass it easily with no thought! Do not be gullible.

Created by: Everlark4life
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  1. To start, if I told you I was over twenty, would you believe me?
  2. A homeless man approaches you and asks if you could spare him some money for food. You..
  3. A friend says they did their homework but left it at home. They want to copy your answers because, technically, since they did it, they don't think it's wrong to look at someone else's work the second time. So you believe them?
  4. Your teacher announces that a new continent has been found! She has pictures to "prove" it. She is even urging the class to look it up online. Do you believe her?
  5. Your friend tells you some juicy gossip about Ryan's latest crush. It's pretty detailed and seems legit. Problem is, no one knows where the info came from. Do you count it as reliable?
  6. Your friend's mom sells these facial masks that are supposed to make your skin super smooth. Your friend claims they work well, but her skin doesn't seem that smooth to you! Do you give the mask a try?
  7. That cute guy(or girl if you're a guy) that sits next to you in class tells you to say gullible really slowly. He tells you it will sound like you're saying you say it?
  8. The same guy from the last question(who also happens to be Ryan) asks you out on a date later that day. You aren't popular and you don't really hang out with him much. But he's really you go out on a date with him even though he and his friends have been know to prank people who are less popular?
  9. You want to buy a cute fleece throw that you found online. You decide to look at the reviews to see what other consumers have to say about it. Almost all the reviews are positive and generic. You stumble across one that is extremely negative, but seems to be true. Do you purchase the throw?
  10. The final question. Do you think you're gullible?

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