How gullible are you?

There are many tricksters in the world, but there are few gullible people. What does gullible mean? Well, a person who is gullible Means that they are easy to trick.

Are YOU gullible? Do you have what it takes? Why not try and find out In just a few minutes you can! Now what i suggest is that you should take this test and see how gullible you really are!!!

Created by: Karen Higgins
  1. What do you do in your spare time?
  2. How often do you trick people
  3. How often do you succeed in tricking people?
  4. How often do you get fooled?
  5. How often do you enjoy pranking?
  6. How funny are your pranks?
  7. How many people know you are a prankster?
  8. How gullible are you?
  9. How many people like you?
  10. How many people like your pranks?

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Quiz topic: How gullible am I?