Are you a sleepover prank master?

Pranking (or worse) people that have fallen asleep or passed out at a party or sleepover is one of life's great pleasures. Some people have the guts to pull these pranks, others don't.

This survey rates how much of a sleepover prank master you are. You are rated on how many pranks you have done, with extra points being given for especially mean pranks.

Created by: Mischief
  1. What is your age?
  2. Your gender?
  3. Have you ever pulled a prank on somebody sleeping or passed out?
  4. Have you gone to a party or sleepover planning to pull pranks on sleeping/passed out people?
  5. At a party I have encouraged people to go to sleep, or given them drinks, so I can prank them later
  6. The following questions ask about pranks you have pulled on sleeping or passed out people.Have you put your victim's hand in warm water to get them to piss their pants?
  7. Have you put shaving cream or toothpaste on your victim's hand and tickled their nose?
  8. Have you shaved your victim's eyebrows?
  9. Have you filled your victim's underwear with shaving, toothpaste, or some other messy substance?
  10. Have you given a wedgie to a passed out person?
  11. Have you scribbled on your victim's face or body?
  12. Now some other questions.Who do you pull sleeping pranks on?
  13. Do you record your pranks?
  14. Have you ever been caught by your victim?
  15. Have you ever been victim of a sleepover prank?

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Quiz topic: Am I a sleepover prank master?