How likely are you to get fooled?

You know how you see these websites, and they always have those nifty ads that tell you do play some kind of minigame to score high and win prizes? Aren't they annoying? You know how friends seem to pull the best pranks on each other? You know how dollar stores sell those prank pens?

Are you dumb enough to be fooled by these things? are you always getting fooled into stupid stuff? (like this quiz) See how gullible you are. Who knows, this may do you some good. Take this quiz to evaluate yourself.

Created by: Jason
  1. First of all, are you gullible?
  2. Ever been rickrolled? (or any of it's many variants, like bearroll)
  3. What is your opinion on April Fools Day?
  4. Ever been frauded?
  5. How revengeful are you as a person?
  6. How "protective" are you? (trust wise)
  7. How many sources have your personal info?
  8. Do people know your daily routine?
  9. How often do you get caught?
  10. Last question. Why are you taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to get fooled?