The Pub Trivia, Wednesdays at 6:30

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Trivia At The Pub at Sweet N Savory just before the Bridge at Wrightsville Beach, NC is every Wednesday starting at 6.30 Pm and wrapping up about 8.15 or so.

Sponsored by Budweiser with great specials and prizes 3 rounds of 7 questions with Free Alcohol to the winner of the round. 50 dollar Gift Card to The Pub if your team is the overall winner. Free to Play

Created by: Jeremy Tominack

  1. This American Author's newest book 'The Wrong Side of Goodbye' featuring LA detective Harry Bosch debuted at No.1 on the NY Times bestselling Combined Ebook and Print Fiction.
  2. This Alien Invasion Film starring Amy Adams and Jeremy renner was defeated soundly by Dr. Strange its opening weekend in the Box Office, earning only 24 M.
  3. Despite Losing to an Unranked team, and also their starting QB, this team remains dubiously at No. 3 in the CFP
  4. This NFL Franchise has the most Super Bowl Wins
  5. According to Guinness Book of Records, the longest distance riding a motorcycle in a 24 hour span is 2,019 miles , set at a track in Texas with an Electra Glide, a bike made by this Motorcycle Company
  6. A theme last week was Simpsons Predictions that came true. Season 5 Ep. 10, The Simpsons accurately predicted that a member of this flamboyant German Magic Duo would be mauled by their White Tiger during a show
  7. Lots of Talk that the Electoral College may vote in favor of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump on DEc. 19. In 1824 this actually happened when the College voted in this President over Andrew Jackson, even though he had won both the popular and electoral vote.
  8. The Outlaw Biker Film, The Wild One, stars this iconic Movie Star as a gang leader riding a Triumph 650 Thunderbird
  9. This Hilarious comedian hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, one of his few television appearances since he starred in his own show that he closed each episode proclaiming 'I'm Rich b----
  10. This 1936 Public Works Project is a road noted for its scenic beauty that stays in the high elevations of the Appalachian Mountain Chain and weaves its way through NC, VA, and Tennesse
  11. This 2006 Martin Scorcese Best Picture Movie opens with the Line, 'I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.'
  12. In 2015, this European Nation's Government became the first nation to default on an International Monetary Fund loan repayment. In 2012, the Simpsons correctly predicted how outlandish the situation would get by saying that Europe sold the Nation on Ebay. What is this country?
  13. Donald Trump stated this week he would only accept $1 a year and would refuse his Presidential Salary. Who are the other 2 presidents to do this?
  14. The Number Selling Downloaded Song this week on Billboards Digital Chart has been #1 since Sept. 3rd of this year and has the 2nd Most in all of 2016. What is the name of the Song and the Group
  15. Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of this Video Sharing Digital Media Giant. She has figured out how to profit from every MEME and would make a great presidential candidate in 2020
  16. This retired NBA Star won titles with the Lakers and Heat. He is also one of the original investors in Google
  17. This CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and philanthropists has been in the news the past week for his investments in the Airline Industry that caused the stocks to soar
  18. The NFL is expanding its International Markets, and this week MNF between the Texans and Raiders is in this City that could be a future expansion location due to its time zone and flight proximity to other NFL Teams
  19. The Pan Am Highway is a continuous stretch of Pavement and the worlds longest motorable road stretching from the bottom tip of South America to the terminus of the Alaskan Highway in this Alaskan town
  20. On Ep. 2 Season 10 of The Simpsons, Homer writes a Math Equation on a chalkboard that is an accurate solution for the mass of this Particle, a crucial part of the Standard Model in Physics, also called the God Particle, and was not actually proven to exist until 14 years later by the famous Large Hadron Collider in CERN Switzerland

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