How Much Trivia do you know?

Everyone knows something, but only a few people are born and ready to be true trivia champions. It's really quite amazing to be able to answer questions that no one else can.

Are you a fan of trivia? Or do you just want to test out what you know? Either way, this is a fun and simple quiz full of great questions and facts.

Created by: REEDTAIL2222

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  1. What is a group of pandas called?
  2. How far do you have to walk to burn off the calories from a single M&M?
  3. Valletta is the capital of what Mediterranean country?
  4. Who was the first president to live in the white house?
  5. What is a group of hummingbirds called?
  6. The fear of getting married is called-
  7. What does NASA stand for?
  8. Which Planet is the least dense?
  9. Which Planet is the most dense?
  10. What Country are Great Danes from?
  11. What fast food restaurant has the most locations worldwide?
  12. What U.S. state was originally called New Amsterdam?
  13. About 2% of all people have what color eyes?
  14. Who is the author of 'War and Peace'?
  15. What is Donald Duck's Middle name?
  16. What is the Greek god of earthquakes?

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Quiz topic: How Much Trivia do I know?