Leopard Gecko Trivia

Not many people are geniuses about Leopard Gecko care but are you one of them ? You will soon find out after taking this amazing leopard gecko trivia.

Do you think you have got what it takes to own a leopard gecko? Well, after taking this Leopard Gecko Trivia you will find out if you are a true leopard gecko master mind.

Created by: Wiktoria
  1. What is the most nutritious food for a leopard geckos well being ?
  2. What unique pattern do juvenile leopard geckos have ?
  3. Leopard geckos are nocturnal
  4. What is the ideal temperature of a leopard geckos habitat ?
  5. What is the ideal humidity for a leopard geckos habitat ?
  6. Which is the best heat source for a leopard gecko ?
  7. If a leopard gecko's stomach has a purple spot this indicates:
  8. How many hide outs should you have in your tank ?
  9. How long do leopard geckos live ?
  10. At what age are leopard geckos considered adults ?
  11. How do you cure impaction in leopard geckos ?
  12. How do leopard geckos get metabolic bone disease (MBD)?
  13. In what country are leopard geckos found in ?
  14. Which substrate is best to keep your leopard geckos on ?
  15. Should you give leopard geckos a bath weekly ?
  16. Which crickets are best to feed leopard geckos with ?
  17. In what size tank should you keep one adult leopard gecko in ?
  18. In what climate are leopard geckos most active at ?

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