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Why do people believe in strange things? Why do some people believe that aliens actually kidnap people to experiment on them? Why do people think the Apollo moon landings were faked? Why do people spend lots of money on psychics and astrologers? Maybe they are right to do so? Try this quiz to see where you are? Are you a skeptic or not?

Science is about trying to understand the way the world actually is, so we aren't fooled by nature. We can apply scientific thinking to non-science, so we aren't fooled into believing things that aren't true.

Created by: Theo Clark
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  1. There are people who can read other people's minds.
  2. There are people who can see into the future.
  3. There are people who can move external objects solely with the power of their minds.
  4. Poltergeists (ghosts) can move physical objects.
  5. Alien spacecraft have landed on the Earth.
  6. There are people who have been abducted by space aliens.
  7. There are people who have been possessed by demons.
  8. In addition to physical bodies, people have non-physical astral bodies.
  9. There are people who can project their astral bodies out of their physical bodies and travel to distant places.
  10. After a physical body dies, a person can reincarnate in another physical body.
  11. There are people who can talk to the spirits of the dead.
  12. The positions of the sun, stars and planets at birth can affect a person's body, character and destiny.
  13. Angels exist.
  14. People can be cured by faith healers.
  15. People can be cured by homeopathic treatments.

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