What Does Your MySpace Profile Say About YOU?

How does your MySpace profile describe you? Here at our laboratory, we have always wondered if there was a magical formula to extract your personality from your MySpace Page! After many years of pondering this question, we have finally found the answer through this innovative quiz.

Take a good look at your profile. Make sure to answer all questions truthfully. If you find yourself wanting to lie or stretch the truth, your real personality will not be calculated! This test delves into many different parts of the human personality, extracting segments of your MySpace profile and interpreting it into quantative results.

Created by: Bertrum Bartlesby
  1. Have you ever posted a MySpace blog?
  2. Creativity - have your blogs ever contained poetry or pros?
  3. Creativity - have your blogs ever contained any revelations or life changing realizations?
  4. Social Tendencies - How often do you post MySpace Bulletins?
  5. Self-Awareness - How would you describe the written information listed in your "About Me" secion?
  6. Confidence - Have you ever taken a picture of yourself STRICTLY to post on MySpace?
  7. Confidence - (be honest, it will effect your score) Have you ever taken a picture of yourself in a mirror and posted it on MySpace?
  8. Artistic Tendencies - have you posted any artsy or creative photograhic self-portraits on MySpace
  9. Confidence - How many photos do you have of yourself on your MySpace profile?
  10. Introvertive Tendancies - How is your profile set up
  11. Creativity/Written - You write blogs primarily to...
  12. Do you have one of those HTML cool backgrounds on your MySpace page?
  13. Inhibitions - Do you have at least one picture of yourself in which you are scantily clad, obviously showing cleavage or showing off your muscles?
  14. Personal Growth - your primary reason for using MySpace is to...

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Quiz topic: What Does my MySpace Profile Say About YOU?