How Myspace Stupid Are You?

Myspace seems to be a the center of pop culture today. People from many walks of life use it, but some let it run their lives. In fact, they let it run their lives to the extent that they get 'myspace stupid', which is when they irritate others because of their addiction to myspace.

Are you Myspace Stupid? Do you let it run your life? Does your world still turn if you can't get on? Or Would you rather see Myspace destroyed beyond recognition? This quiz may help you see the light!

Created by: busdrivertohell

  1. You get on myspace:
  2. You've just opened a friend's bulletin and the opening line says "You've opened this, now repost this within the next 5 minutes or your myspace will be deleted! Pictures, profiles, Friends list, EVERYTHING!' You:
  3. You get many friends requests at once. You:
  4. Your myspace looks:
  5. You post a bulletin:
  6. When you first get your computer booted up, the first website you visit is:
  7. Myspace shuts down for a little bit because it has been overtaken by spambots. The employees at myspace are working on the problem, but in the meantime you can't get on. You:
  8. At the end of one bulletin, you see "Pls repost this, u will have good luck for the rest of ur life if u do. If not, ur tru love will never be." You:
  9. You get on myspace primairly to:
  10. Your Profile music! Brought to you by:
  11. Myspace:
  12. Someone removed you from their top friends list! You:

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Quiz topic: How Myspace Stupid am I?