How much of a MySpace stalker are you?

Let's face it, as useful as MySpace can be for keeping in touch with friends and having fun sharing photos on, it is also a stalker's paradise. Unless you privatize your profile, everything on your page is available to any pair of eyes. How can you resist snooping around when all the information is right there for you, provided by the very people you want to know more about!

So, are you a MySpace stalker? Are you just a curious cat, or are you really looking for information to get you closer to that special someone or that jerk you want to fight. Do you think MySpace stalking is stupid? Take this to see how you stack up.

Created by: Joe
  1. How many times a day do you log into MySpace?
  2. You use or have tried to use a "tracker" to see who has been viewing your page.
  3. About how much time do you spend per day on myspace?
  4. Is there somebody on your friendslist that you view their profile more than twice a day?
  5. You've recognized somebody in person that you don't know, but have seen their myspace enough times.
  6. You read surveys that people post as bulletins/blogs.
  7. You have saved/printed out somebody's MySpace pictures.
  8. You've used MySpace to find out where somebody is going to be, then went to spy on tem.
  9. You've wanted to punch/slap somebody for a comment they've left for somebody else.
  10. You've used outside resources to get more information about somebody you've seen on myspace.
  11. You find yourself talking about MySpace.
  12. You keep track of other people's comments.
  13. If MySpace got shut down, how would you feel?
  14. Did this quiz envoke any odd feelings.

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Quiz topic: How much of a MySpace stalker am I?