Are you a stalker?

yeah, stalkers are creepy, but where do you draw the line between being a concered friend and someone's stalker? well, for starters, if they don't know you, you're probably a stalker... take this quiz and watch the world of grey fall into black and white!

yeah, this is a second discription. I hvae no idea why i have to describe the test twice. I hope I can edit all of this -.-'' lololol... btw, how did you find this quiz? tell me how you found it, if i don't know you, you're probably a stalker!

Created by: David
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  1. Are you a stalker?
  2. Have you ever googled someone's name?
  3. Have you ever used google maps' satellites to look at someone's house?
  4. Ever met someone through facebook?
  5. this one's for victoria (and her accomplices jesse & nancy): have you ever driven past someone you've never met, called them, pulled over, and taken them home?
  6. is your name julia?
  7. ever called someone and had them ask "who are you, how did you get my number?"
  8. ever looked up someone's number on facebook?
  9. Do you use facebook?
  10. have you ever left one of them creepy personals in the mX? daymn they are CREEPY, here's an example: "To the blonde Italian glamour on the 8am train at Wahroonga: I wish we could have cannoli together. -Larry, Wahroonga" zomfg, creeeeeep!

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Quiz topic: Am I a stalker?