Office Crush or Stalker?

The modern dating pool: finding love in the office, online, etc. With a never-ending source of valuable and invaluable information, one can easily become a STALKER. Maybe unknowingly, but a stalker nevertheless.

Do you have a crush on your coworker? Or are you a stalker? Have your friends and family staged an intervention? Thanks to this critical test, you can find out where you stand: stalker or crush? And get help if you need it.

Created by: Luna
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  1. You tell her that her hair looks:
  2. Your cubicle is next to hers. You eavesdrop on her private conversations...
  3. She's just had a bad meeting with her boss. You:
  4. You have an office nickname. It is:
  5. When leaving the office you say to your crush:
  6. You are most likely to say the following:
  7. When you use the word "magical", you are:
  8. When you run into your crush on the street:
  9. In your office cubicle one can find:
  10. You've been called into H.R. For saying:

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