How well do you know "the office" characters?

"The Office" is an amazing show that follows the every day lives of people who work together in a office. It has many amazing characters who you get to know very well throughout the series.

Do you know these characters? Will you be able to figure out what their last names are, who their love interests are, and what jobs they officially have? Take this quiz and you shall find out.

Created by: Buttercup Jones
  1. Who is Pam engaged to for the majority of the first few seasons?
  2. Who is Michael's first love interest throughout the series?
  3. What is Angela's last name in the series before she marries Robert or Dwight?
  4. What was Toby Flenderson's job?
  5. What is Jim's last name(and pam's later in the series)?
  6. What is Dwight's last name(and Angela's later in the series)?
  7. Who is Dwight's main love interest throughout the seasons?
  8. What is Andy's nickname for Jim?
  9. Who does Andy date before he gets back with Erin in season 9?
  10. Erin is Erin's middle name. What's her real first name?
  11. Who is Kelly's main love interest throughout the series?
  12. What is Stanley's job?
  13. Who does Phyllis marry?
  14. Who is Kevin?
  15. What is the name of the paper company that all these people work at?
  16. How many seasons of "the office" are there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "the office" characters?