What Character From "The Office" Are You?

Hey all you people! This is musicgirl, making a quiz about The Office. I started watching it, and decided, "Hey, of course! That'd be awesome." 'Cause I mean who doesn't love that show??

Are you ready to find out who you are?! Are you Michael? Maybe you're Meredith! Oh, oh, what about Dwight?! All of these and more are possible results in the quiz. Results may vary.

Created by: musicgirl
  1. Do you like to party?
  2. Do you like to pull pranks on people?
  3. How often do you use the phrase "That's what she said" ?
  4. Favorite emoticon?
  5. On average, what is/was your grade in middle/high school?
  6. What animal does your personality most resemble?
  7. If you had to bring one item with you on an island, what would it be?
  8. What cartoon character are you like?
  9. Scenario: Somebody eggs your house, you...
  10. Friends or money?

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Quiz topic: What Character From "The Office" am I?