Which "The Office" Employee Are You?

Fans who are familiar with "The Office", Thursdays on NBC will appreciate this quiz... I've hunted around online and I can't find another one like it. You can find out here which one of several of the main, recurring characters you are most like! Sorry if someone you are partial to isn't included; the cast list is mighty long! :)

Some possible character resemblances are: Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Angela.... among others. I spent way longer inventing this quiz than I thought it would take, or I'd have definitely included more characters! I tried to include the most likely prospects! ;)

Created by: Tiffany
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  1. Would you describe yourself as judgemental?
  2. Are you paranoid?
  3. Do you enjoy playing pranks and practical jokes?
  4. Do you choose to share intimate details of your life with your co-workers or underlings?
  5. Are you involved in an inter-workplace romance?
  6. Would you describe yourself as Fond of the Drink?
  7. Are you a suck-up?
  8. Do you try too hard to please everyone?
  9. Do you feel you fit any particular cliche?
  10. Do you find an office party an acceptable occasion to get drunk?
  11. Would you ever consider re-locating from where you work to another US branch, should one exist?

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Quiz topic: Which "The Office" Employee am I?