The Office Quiz

"The Office" is a hilarious show on NBC, based off the original British version. If you like the office, or even only watch it now and then, you should take this quiz!

If you think you're an Office Whiz, take this quiz, and see! You'll be reminded of old episodes, and new ones, and "The Office Quiz" will only take a few minutes!

Created by: Leah
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  1. In the episode "The Coup", which video game do that workers in the Stamford office play?
  2. In the episode, "The Merger" what colored tie was Andy wearing when he arrived at the Scranton office?
  3. What is Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt?
  4. In the episode, "The Office Olympics", what were the medals made of?
  5. In the episode, "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day", which book is Kevin's step-daughter-to-be reading?
  6. In the episode, "The Fire" what started the fire?
  7. In the episode, "Halloween" what does Jim dress up as?
  8. In the episode, "Booze Cruise", which lake do the Dunder-Mifflin employees sale on?
  9. In the episode, "Christmas Party", what gift does Phyllis give Michael?
  10. In the episode, "Conflict Resolution", where was Toby supposedly sending Dwight's complaints?
  11. In the episode, "Diwali", what is the occupation of the man Kelly's parents want her to marry.
  12. In the episode, "Boys and Girls" what does Pam want?
  13. In the episode, "The Convict", what song does Andy sing Pam at the end of the episode
  14. In the episode, "The Convict", Andy says, "Are you kidding me! I live to ___!"

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