What character for "The Office" are you most like?

Even if you dont watch the office, it'd be nice to know who you are. Trust me, its a good convorsation starter. So, if you need to start a convo soon, that this quiz. Trust me, you'll be happy. Oh, and if you do watch the office, good for you.

So are you Kelly? or maybe Pam. What about Michael, Dwight, and Jim? find your office character match here. And if your results show kelly or michael, i feel bad for you. But hey, thats just how it is sometimes!

Created by: Geana
  1. What is your most talked about trait?
  2. What type of relationship are you in?
  3. When you talk, people...
  4. Do you watch the office?
  5. your job at the office is...
  6. Y are you taking this quiz
  7. im running out of questions... just pic an answer
  8. are you a boy or girl? i no, this has already been a question, but just answer again
  9. What is on your desk?
  10. What results are you expecting?

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Quiz topic: What character for "The Office" am I most like?