How well do you know The Office?

The Office is one of the greatest shows of all time, and you all seem to have a great memory of each episode and many of it's lines. Let's see just how much you really do remember!

Are you smart enough to be an employee of The Office? Would you fit in there? More importantly, with whom would you get along with the best? Find out after the quiz!

Created by: dwight
  1. Who has only 4 toes on one foot?
  2. What is Michael's middle name?
  3. Where does Jim decide to go to avoid Pam's wedding?
  4. When does he plan to leave?
  5. Who is addressed by his/her 1st name by his/her kid?
  6. Who gave Angela the baby poster?
  7. How many kids does Carol the Realtor have?
  8. On what date did Ryan & Kelly first hook up?
  9. Who had a hysterectomy?
  10. Michael's speech at Casino Night begins "Welcome old friends, new lovers, and ____"
  11. What was NOT on Michael's birthday sub?
  12. Who "steals things all the time" and "loves stealing things?"
  13. Kevin's favorite number is:
  14. Kevin's favorite lunch is:
  15. Kevin's favorite candy is:
  16. Kevin's favorite movie is:
  17. To whom did Kevin lend his favorite movie?
  18. What was the date of Pam's wedding supposed to be?
  19. Who has never owned a fridge (until now)?
  20. Michael proposed the losers of the basketball game:
  21. Oscar prefers the office temp at how many degrees?
  22. Kevin prefers the office temp at how many degrees?
  23. In one episode, Michael's ringtone is:
  24. Dwight chooses this book to take when they play the Desert Island game:
  25. What does Michael say to the Hooters girls?
  26. How many days did the warehouse go without an accident until Michael caused one?
  27. Michael's favorite New York pizza joint is:
  28. At the Christmas Party, who got the worn coat from Creed?
  29. At the Christmas Party, who got the footbath from Kevin?
  30. Jim tells Pam he watched what show last night?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Office?