Are You An Office Fanatic?

Are you an office fanatic? Do you feel like you should work at Dunder Mifflin? Have you watched every episode of seasons 1-5? Have you ever wanted to encase your coworker's office supplies in Jello?

Office Fanatics! Take this quiz. See if you waste your Thursday nights learning nothing or if all those episodes have paid off. Remember to watch the office of NBC!

Created by: Cathy
  1. Where is their branch of Dunder Mifflin located?
  2. Which is NOT the name of one of Angela's cats?
  3. At the 8th Annual "Dundies" who receives the "Busiest Beaver" award?
  4. In the first season, what is the name of the character known as "Purse Girl"?
  5. How many "Golden Tickets" did Blue Cross find in their paper shipments from Michael's Willy Wonka marketing scheme?
  6. What is the name of Michael's boss from corporate?
  7. Which office worker ends up finding a date at the "Lonely-Hearts" office party?
  8. Which branch does Michael's Dunder Mifflin branch merge with?
  9. What tool does Michael use in his presentation on the lecture circuit?
  10. Which employee did Michael run over with his car?

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