How well do you know The Office?

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Do you truly think you're a true "The Office" fan? Have you watched all 9 seasons? Do you know every character's first and last names? Take this test and prove your knowledge!

If you succeed, you will receive a Dundie! Now stop being a Stanley, put those crosswords down, and get started! Good luck! Do a good job now! :) :) :) :)

Created by: TheOfficeFan
  1. What is Phyllis Vance's maiden name?
  2. What is the name of Michael's paper company?
  3. Who was the last person to steal from Creed Bratton?
  4. Where does Jim propose to Pam?
  5. How many vasectomies has Michael had?
  6. Who does Michael run over with his car?
  7. What does Michael call his event to raise money for rabies awareness?
  8. Where does Dwight work after quitting Dunder Mifflin for a short time?
  9. Who plays Golden Face in Michael's movie, Threat Level Midnight?
  10. What does Phyliss auction in the episode "Crime Aid?"
  11. Who says, "The fire's shooting at us!" in "Stress Relief: Part One?"
  12. What is in the jello mold Jim leaves for Dwight in "Pilot"?
  13. Who is The Fire Guy?
  14. How does Michael get his injury in season 2?
  15. Where is Jim and Pam's first kiss?
  16. Who does Dwight kick out at Phyllis's wedding who Michael then finds?
  17. Why didn't Michael invite Dwight to his and Jan's dinner party?
  18. What is Jim's fake name in "Customer Survey" that he uses against Dwight?
  19. Which episode does Phyliss announce Angela is cheating on Andy with Dwight?
  20. Who is Michael 's dream team for the Michael Scott Paper Company?
  21. Why can't Pam play volleyball at the company picnic?
  22. What is Dwight's name for the Earth Day monster he creates?
  23. How does everyone mispronounce Sabre?
  24. What play is Andy in in season 7?
  25. Who is Michael's replacement?
  26. What is the name of the gift giver Dwight dresses up as in "Dwight Christmas"?
  27. What does the office call it when the elevator is out and everyone has to take the stairs?
  28. Who gets married in the finale?

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