The Office Trivia

This quiz will test you knowledge of "The Office". If you are a big fan, such as I am, you will not schrute this test up in an irreversible way. Just try to remember some quotes and almost every episode from "The Office"

This is a great quiz for you to take, it will remind you of the funny parts of "The Office" and make you think of how Dwight is such an idiot. Good luck.

Created by: Sam Olson
  1. What is Dwight's middle name?
  2. In "The Alliance", what does Dwight hide in during the party?
  3. Who started the fire in "The Fire"?
  4. In which episode does Jim dress up like Dwight for a day?
  5. Who is having a secret office relationship?
  6. Who dresses up like a Sith Lord on the episode "Halloween"?
  7. In the season finale "The Job", who ends up getting the job at corporate?
  8. What color does Dwigth paint Michael's office when he is at the interview?
  9. What type of farm does Dwight live on?
  10. How many bathrooms and where are they located on Dwight's farm?
  11. What does Dwight replace his chair with to strengthen his core?
  12. Where is the office located?
  13. How does Michael injure his foot in "The Injury"
  14. Who does Michael take to Sandals, Jamaica?
  15. Who is the funniest character on "The Office"?
  16. What is the only day that Stanley likes?
  17. What business is Bob Vance in?
  18. What does Kevin dress up as for Halloween?
  19. Who puts "The Thing" on the carpet in Michael's office?
  20. In what episode does Dwight say "Thanks girl" to Jim?
  21. Dwight is also a Lackawana County Volunteer...
  22. What is the best episode from "The Office"?

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